Advocating for craft wineries around the nation.


The CWA has worked directly with CalRecycle over the last year to ensure an informed process of initiating the recycling bill for wineries located in and outside of California.

05 December 2023 – HB86

Ohio was reviewing the liquor laws surrounding the sale and offering of distilled spirits in tasting rooms. The CWA submitted testimony for them to review the direct shipping of spirits within the state to put spirits on parity with other beverage alcohol products.

18 April 2023 – SB616

We believed SB616 to be a good piece of legislation to put the cider and and malt beverage industry on the same level as wine. It provided shipping quantity parity.

Additional support: Great Notion Brewing in Portland.

28 February 2023 – HB2399

We believed HB2399 to be a bad piece of legislation for craft wine producers. It provided Illinois the ability to pull an in-state producers license if another state made an illegal shipping claim.

Additional opponents: Wine Institute, Molson Coors, Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Alliance, Family Winemakers of California

09 July 2023 – TTB Letter.

We submitted comments on TTB-2022-0011-0001 which seeked public comment on TTB’s trade practice regulations related to the Federal Alcohol Administration Act’s exclusive outlet, tied house, commercial bribery, and consignment sales prohibitions.

About us:

The Craft Wine Association is a non-profit, formed in 2016 to advocate for the interest of craft wineries around the Nation.

There are more than 11,000 wineries in America. 81% of them produce less than 5,000 cases annually. Another 16% produce between 5,000 and 49,000. That consitutues 97% of the wineries in the industry. We advocate for those 97%.

What we do:

The Craft Wine Association works alongside industry members to discuss and gather information on legislation to ensure the interest of small wineries are being taken into account.

We gather and share important industry news with our producers, while also holding webinars where producers can participate and share their opinions.

Members enjoy benefits such as the sharing of industry insights and best practices, and participation in our advocacy program.

We’re on a mission to help small wineries thrive!