Strengthen your voice.  Join the CWA Advisory Council!

We are establishing an advisory council of producers to support our mission to help strengthen the voice of small and mid-sized wineries, meaderies and distilleries.   

Please consider applying for a leadership role within the association.  We are recruiting up to nine open advisory council member positions.  You would be an exclusive advisor to the Craft Wine Association Advocacy Group, joining a group of thought leaders that will also help elevate your brand as an industry leader. 

We need your involvement in an ongoing educational campaign to inform policymakers about the challenges and inequities faced by domestic alcohol producers. The three focus areas are to: 

  • Help policymakers understand the negative impact of the three-tier system on U.S. producers and the unfair advantages given to imported products. 
  • Highlight the lack of awareness among officials about restrictive laws that hamper direct selling and the negative effects of state-enacted, anti-competitive legislation. 
  • Promote our Three-Channel System, advocating for Direct to Consumer and Self-Distribution channels to modernize the industry and ensure fair competition. 


Your support and active participation are crucial to this initiative.   Please provided the following information and we will be in touch.  

What would you like to see changed or accomplished in the industry?
Please tell us would you like to join the CWA Advisory Council
How many cases of wine do you produce annually? *