603, 2021

Mullan Road Cellars: A Journey into the Royal Slope AVA

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In the spring of 1853, a young man fresh out of West Point by the name of Lieutenant John Mullan was ready to put his topical engineering training to the task of improving a wagon route from Fort Benton to Fort Walla Walla, which was then known as the Washington Territory. Because of war, construction would be delayed by about five years.  Overseeing a workforce of 200 people, Lt. Mullan through a combination of perseverance and ingenuity, would develop a road that would serve as a primary centralized route for settlers migrating to the Pacific Northwest and be aptly named for the person who led the charge.

2710, 2020

Save the Family Farms Chronicles: Hoopes Vineyard

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Although there is no shortage of capital entering Napa, or businesses thriving in the corporate sector, family-owned grower-producers are swimming upstream to keep their businesses afloat. These multi-generational farmers and winemakers cannot remain economically viable without access to direct-to-consumer sales, namely in the form of tastings on their vineyard sites.

2808, 2020

Save the Family Farms Chronicles: Rahn Estate

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For Hannah and Dylan Rahn, growing grapes is all they have ever known as their father has been working in vineyards since they were very young. Several years later, their father would purchase 20 acres in Angwin, located in the Napa Valley. He designed and planted about 4 and half acres of vineyard, which is now Rahn Estate. 

508, 2020

Save the Family Farms Chronicles: Maroon Wines

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In 2015, Paul Maroon helped form the Save the Family Farms initiative with the focus on preserving the Napa Valley’s small family vineyards, which are the backbone of the agricultural history of the region.  The key driver behind this is  to ensure that small producers can remain viable and competitive for future generations to come.

1011, 2019

In Books and in Wine There is Truth

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Guest Post by Joe Campbell aka: Sierra Wine Guy Over the past 150 plus years, the foothills of El Dorado County has brought us rugged gold-miners, innovative...


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