25 05, 2023

Reviewing the Direct Shipping Bill of Rights

2023-05-25T15:02:17-07:00May 25, 2023|

Last week, the Craft Wine Association had a productive meeting to discuss the draft National Direct Shipping Bill of Rights. This was the first opportunity for producers to weigh in on a set of principles based on the “Model Direct Shipping Bill” that, while progressive at the time, is now more than 25 years old.

23 05, 2023

NorthBay Biz: Wine Country and the Silicon Valley Bank Hangover

2023-05-23T10:17:16-07:00May 23, 2023|

It wasn’t until late Sunday, March 26 that First Citizens Bancorp (FCNCA) agreed to purchase most of SVB, including its wine division at a discount price. The wine platform has been the dominant lender in Napa and Sonoma for three decades, so the bank shutdown caused consternation in the wine country.

11 04, 2023

Why Our Advocacy Work is Important 

2023-04-17T09:27:07-07:00April 11, 2023|

This year as we take our advocacy efforts to the next level, we are targeting policies that are potentially harmful to our industry and, in particular, damage the existing direct shipping rules or build additional unnecessary hurdles, such as the recent proposal by the Illinois legislature, HR 2399 that would require warehouses that pick and pack wine for wineries to obtain a license and generate special monthly reports for the state on the shipments.  

11 04, 2023

Wine Searcher: Wine Promotion Rules a Minefield

2023-04-11T09:29:44-07:00April 11, 2023|

A recent legal case provides some interesting insight into how governmental regulatory agencies, including the national regulatory agency the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and the myriad state alcohol beverage control boards (ABCs), enforce marketing and social media promotions executed by wineries and their wholesalers and importers.

22 03, 2023

WIN: New Website Targets Harms Caused by Three-Tier System of Alcohol Regulation

2023-03-22T08:55:46-07:00March 22, 2023|

The three-tier system of alcohol distribution is nearly 90 years old. Yet, despite massive cultural, economic, social, and technological changes that have occurred since the 1930s, the system still governs how alcohol is distributed in most states. A new website, “Fermenting Change”, has launched outlining the various ways this archaic system harms the alcohol industry and prevents consumers from accessing the products they want. The new website also offers an alternative to the three-tier system necessary to bring alcohol regulation into the 21st century.

21 03, 2023

Vinepair: Alcohol Distributor RNDC Alleges Sazerac ‘Schemed’ to ‘Circumvent the Three-tier System’ and Claims Millions Owed

2023-03-23T08:10:15-07:00March 21, 2023|

The 51-page document, shared with VinePair by RNDC’s PR firm, alleges that Sazerac’s initial lawsuit lacked proper context and contained incorrect information about RNDC. The distributor claims that Sazerac attempted to work outside of the three-tier system of alcohol distribution and took an overreaching role — in conflict with U.S. distributor regulations — in selling the product.


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