FAQs About The Craft Wine Association

We recently attended some wine conferences in Northern California and were presented with questions about our organization from people around the country. Here we’ve answered a few of the most common.

How did The Craft Wine Association get it’s start? The Craft Wine Association got it’s start when founder Carole Lawson retired and decided to try to help friends of hers who owned small wineries reach a larger consumer audience. While studying at Harvard for a post graduate degree in marketing, she used a predictive analytics program called Watson to research word associations that resonate with consumers around artisan wine. The overwhelming result was that the word “craft” and the words “craft wine” resonated with wine drinkers above any other phraseology. The next step was to trademark the terms and create the 501(c)6 membership association and offer a certification of “Craft Wine” based on the TTB breakdowns for small production.

What is a “Craft Wine”? A Craft Wine in essence is a small production wine, made by hand with an identifiable winemaker directing the process. Based on TTB guidelines we have designated small production to mean under 5,000 cases per year for certification purposes.

What is a “Craft Winery”? A “Craft Winery” is a winery where all the wine produced falls under the 5,000 cases per year designation.

Can a winery that produces more than 5,000 cases still have certified Craft Wines? Yes, any wines produced in a single run that is under 5,000 cases can be certified as Craft Wine.

What is the difference between membership and certification? A membership in the Craft Wine Association can be purchased at any level of production and is also open to affiliate members such as bloggers and other hospitality industry businesses. Certification of wines and wineries is only available to members whose wines meet the criteria above.

Where are you located? Officially the organization is located in Salem Oregon but our employees and contributors are nationwide.

What is the price of membership and certification? We have different pricing tiers based on production amounts, see them here. Once a member, certification of all wines that fit the designation is free.

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