They are waiting...Are you ready?

The Craft Wine Association is on a mission to help small-production wineries get the attention they deserve in the wine market. We are working toward the day when Certified Craft Wine is as recognizable as certified organic and as ubiquitous as craft beer. Research shows Millennials and Gen X consumers want to support craft products. Increasingly, there is demand for craft wine among restaurants and distributors with no clear way to satisfy it.

They are waiting… Are you ready?

The Craft Wine Association is the unifying force behind the craft wine movement, and it is opening new markets by advocating for its members in media and the marketplace. For wineries and winemakers, we provide the opportunity to stand out as a Certified Craft Wine producer by displaying the Certified Craft Wine seal on wines made in lots of 5,000 cases or less. The Certified Craft Wine seal is customizable and available free of charge to all winery members for qualifying wines.


Other membership benefits include access to marketing strategies, research, and partnerships with advisers and others in the wine industry. For the full list of benefits…LEARN MORE »


The Craft Wine Association is committed to connecting craft winemakers to consumers seeking handmade, limited-edition wines, or craft wines. If you care about preserving craft wine and the art of small-production winemaking,JOIN NOW »

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