Leadership Changes at the Craft Wine Association

By Published On: October 14, 2021

Dear Members and Supporters,

I am pleased to announce a leadership change at the Craft Wine Association.   Bill Maile, who serves as editor of our blog Small Matters and has helped support the membership program, will take over responsibility as Executive Director of the association.   Bill is passionate about supporting small wineries and does a lot of work with associations to help provide member value and communicate industry priorities.  I have known him for nearly twenty years and am grateful for his willingness to continue our mission.

As founder of the association, I will remain involved, joining in the conversations and helping to support the cause from time to time.  As I move closer to retirement, it is time to hand over the torch and let others charge ahead with new energy and ideas.   You are in good hands with Bill.

The past five years have been rewarding as the industry grows and appreciates the value and craft that make small wineries like yours unique and wonderful.  Thank you for your support over the years and for being part of our community.

I look forward to staying in touch.  And, please feel free to contact Bill directly at bill.maile@craftwine.org.


Carole Lawson, Founder

Craft Wine Association