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Résolu Cellars, micro-boutique urban winery in Beaverton, OR

Résolu, French for “Resolute”:  admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering.  A fitting description for the father and son winemakers of Résolu Cellars and the elegant wines they craft.  With premium grapes from select Oregon and Washington vineyards and a passionate pursuit of perfection, this team consistently produces wines that represent the best of the Northwest.

Award winning wine-makers, Scott Nelson and his son, Cameron, have created Résolu Cellars to produce single varietal wines and unique blends that stand out for their overall quality and value, vintage after vintage. Combining considerable experience, industry recognition, hard work, and proven expertise, Résolu Cellars delivers a collection of ultra-premium NW wines that suit a wide spectrum of wine-occasions ranging from the cocktail hour to fancy meals to celebrations.

Résolu represents the excellence to which Scott and Cameron have devoted themselves. Grape selection is based on careful study of which varieties thrive in the Northwest, and which growers bring a winning partnership. From Pinot Noir, Viognier and other cool weather grapes of the Willamette Valley to highly sought Bordeaux and Italian big-bold reds of the Columbia Valley the Résolu team procures the finest grapes for the finest wines. What makes Résolu Cellars wines so worthy of the awards various vintages have earned owes heavily to Scott and Cameron’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Continuous improvement is the driving force that propels Scott and Cameron to take all the right steps to help ensure that the finished product is made with great care and creativity.

Résolu caters to those with refined wine palettes. Résolu also provides fan gatherings to help these wine-lovers learn more about production, understand taste differentiation, and feel like part of the Résolu “family.” That bond between this boutique winery and its customers gives Résolu Cellars unique qualities that establish and maintain customer loyalists who treasure not only the classic and distinct taste of the red and white varieties but also the art (and science) of creating such treats.

Today our production focus is Viognier and a Rosé of Pinot Noir for our ‘whites’. Our Red Wines include: Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Primitivo, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and our robust ‘Triomphe’ – a Bordeaux style blend of all five principle Bordeaux grapes.

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