Members, please share your input as we plan the future of our association

By Published On: November 4, 2021

Hello Craft Wine Association Members!   Thank you to those who have reached out to me; I appreciate the warm welcome and input.    It would be great to hear feedback from everyone to know firsthand what about membership you find most valuable, such as:

  • How important is it to be certified as a craft winery?  Would you like to have a certificate to display in your tasting room or show customers?  Is the current membership rate appropriate for your needs?
  • Are you interested in promoting your small winery with more marketing and publicity opportunities?
  • Would you be interested in any specialized training, webinars, or professional services?
  • Would you be interested in legislative advocacy to help improve competition for small wineries?

Please feel free to send me a note or set up a meeting using the link below.    Again, I appreciate the opportunity to work with you all and look forward to supporting you!   Bill