The dictionary defines the word craft as “an activity involving skill in making things by hand”.  The mission of the Craft Wine Association is to support and promote small production wines,  handcrafted through harvest, blending and bottling.  The designation of Certified Craft Wine was developed to help clearly identify those wines, allowing wineries and winemakers to showcase their craft and consumers who share that passion to find Craft Wines in a very competitive marketplace.  Wineries that qualify may also receive the designation of Certified Craft Winery, letting all who are interested know that every wine produced by that winery is a Certified Craft Wine.

Membership in the Craft Wine Association has many benefits. For wineries and winemakers, it provides an opportunity to showcase small-production wines (under 5,000 cases) through the designation of Certified Craft Wine. For distributors and retailers, the Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery designations open opportunities to target specific markets that have long shown a preference for craft beverages. For suppliers and allied services, displaying the Craft Wine Association logo on websites and in marketing materials is a way to show support for the Craft Wine industry.

For a description of membership levels and costs click here.   Discounts may apply.

Certified Craft Winery Member Benefits

  • Marketing strategies, research, and content designed specifically for the needs of craft wine producers.

  • Licensed use of the Certified Craft Wine seal on all certified wines as well as in marketing or other materials.

  • Licensed use of the Craft Wine Association logo in marketing materials, such as on websites, on display in the winery, or in printed materials.

  • Click through statistics, market demographics, and other valuable information about who your customers are and how to reach them.

  • Brand identification with other craft-made beverages that are particularly important to Gen X and Millennial markets.

  • Inclusion on a searchable map of Certified Craft Wineries on for consumers seeking craft wines near where they live. (Available Spring 2018.)

  • A community of supporters, including industry advisers.

  • Direct engagement with restaurants, hospitality professionals, and consumers who have already expressed an interest in craft wine. This community is already in the tens of thousands.

  • Education and outreach, conducted by the Craft Wine Association on behalf of its members, through search visibility, social media, and a robust PR list.

  • A place to tell your unique story on the Craft Wine Association’s website, social media, and blog.

  • Market visibility through the relationships developed by the Craft Wine Association, including with distribution and retail partners.

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