Proposal to License Fulfillment Houses Threatens Direct Shipping

The Uniform Law Commission (ULC), a nonprofit organization that recommends model legislation for states, is pursuing harmful policies that threaten the Direct to Consumer (DTC) wine shipping industry, particularly with its recommendations that fulfillment houses be licensed and comply with complex administrative requirements.    

Irish Liquor Lawyer: WSWA’s solution that just doesn’t square

"We all agree that keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors is a responsible thing to do. But my question is if WSWA is crusading against DTC shipping as a responsible way to combat minor access to alcohol, why is it proposing an alternative that is less safe, then the activity you choose to ban?"  Read the article by Irish Liquor Lawyer here.

Reviewing the Direct Shipping Bill of Rights

The Craft Wine Association recently had a productive meeting to discuss the draft National Direct Shipping Bill of Rights. This was the first opportunity for producers to weigh in on a set of principles based on the “Model Direct Shipping Bill” that, while progressive at the time, is now more than 25 years old.

NorthBay Biz: Wine Country and the Silicon Valley Bank Hangover

It wasn’t until late Sunday, March 26 that First Citizens Bancorp (FCNCA) agreed to purchase most of SVB, including its wine division at a discount price. The wine platform has been the dominant lender in Napa and Sonoma for three decades, so the bank shutdown caused consternation in the wine country.


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