Liviri Vino Discount

15% off lease or sale of temperature controlled shipping boxes.


Liviri is designed for safe, reusable, and temp controlled ground shipping.

Liviri Vino is a wine shipping cooler designed for safe, cost-effective ground shipping. By eliminating weather holds and allowing year-round deliveries, your customers get the wine they want, when they want it, while your operations run more consistently. Since the entire container is reusable, it’s also a sustainable solution that eliminates single-use styrofoam, corrugate and ice packs for a less wasteful future.

Where there’s wine, there are vibrant conversations. There’s a raised glass to new journeys. There’s celebration, commemoration and comfort. Wine, for many of us, enriches life. And Liviri Vino ensures it gets where it’s going. So unwind and let’s savor the moments that matter — together.

Eliminating seasonal, weather hold bottlenecks is Liviri Vino’s commitment to maintaining the flow of great wine from your business to your customers’ homes. Aerospace-grade Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs) along with reusable ice packs, delivering 5–7 days of thermal protection, more than triple the performance of industry standard packaging. Secure quick-clip latches make for easy open/close box operations. And durable wine inserts fit most bottle sizes, ensuring long-haul protection and ease of use.