What is Certified Craft Wine?

A Certified Craft Wine is a small production wine made in runs of less than 5,000 cases made by an identifiable winemaker.

Green tm CertThe Craft Wine Association came into being to celebrate the art of the winemaker.  While a custom crush or Alternating Proprietorship facility may be leveraged in the production of craft wines, and often are, the wines must be made as much as possible by human hands. To achieve the designation of Certified Craft Wine, the wine must be commercially available and production must be lead through the process of grape selection and fermentation by the winemaker.

Case number alone does not qualify a wine for the designation of Certified Craft Wine. Certified Craft Wine designation is intended to highlight and celebrate the wines and wineries committed to small production, handmade wines.  Wines made in production lots larger than 5,000 cases, even if a single bottling or labeling from that lot is less than 5,000 cases, does not qualify.  Neither do small lot productions (under 5,000 cases) which rely solely on pre-prescribed protocols of a third party.

Certification of qualified wines is free with your winery membership.  Be part of the Craft Wine movement.  Join Now.